Macao Chicken 马草鸡


A premium breed of free-range chicken with a small supply that is fed maize and horse grass as a staple meal to bring out the inherent sweetness, flavour, and fragrance of the meat. Given that it is often exclusively served in restaurants and is not readily available to customers, this species is very well-liked.
Because of its diet, the flesh is flavorful and silky by nature, which is why our clients just season it very little when steaming the meat with sesame oil and a light salt rub. Put it to the test!

Average weight between 1.6 and 1.8 kg (after removing feathers and intestines) Whole chicken with head, feet, and internal organs. Muscular, smooth, and harder flesh. More flavorful and fragrant. Suitable for all forms of cooking, especially steaming.


Average weight (Refer): 1.8kg – 2.0kg

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