About Us

MCY Food Supply was established in Jalan Pudu Pasar since the year 1985. Mr. Chang Ah Hoong founded the company and is now managed by his two sons, Stephen Chang and Mike Chang. Their vision is to grow the company to be a lead producer of fresh and frozen meats and to supply fresh and frozen chickens to restaurants and supermarkets in Klang Valley. With professional business SOP and a good reputation for the past 30 years, we look forward to expanding our business with a broader product range of fresh and frozen meats and also providing competitive prices and services to our customers



Quality is not the only advantage in the market, we also offer competitive prices for our fresh and frozen products. We aim to give our customers the best quality fresh and frozen food at great-value prices.


One of our greatest advantages is high quality products. Whether your order coes from an individual or a franchises, we guarantee to deliver the best-value frozen chicken, meats, lamb.


In a diverse and dynamic market, we are always innovating to serve our customers better and to ensure consistency of product supply. In order to meet our customer’s requirements and products specification.


We have certifications and follow quality procedures recognized and used all over the world.